Meet LaVerne​

I’m a mom of 9 and grandma of almost 11 first. My family is my greatest joy. I enjoy a variety of activities such as walking and bicycling, hiking nearby trails, boating, fishing, camping, gardening, cooking and sewing I especially enjoy gathering with my family and neighbors for pot luck/cookout, embracing our diversity despite our religious or nonreligious faiths and backgrounds. It is joyful to me to take a meal or receive one when we have a personal crisis on our street.

I’m a small business owner. My husband (I couldn’t run for office without his patience and support) is a chiropractor in Farmington and I’m a trained, certified relationship coach. I enjoy the transformation which comes from learning thought and mind hacks. I tend to see the best in people and the good to all situations. Throughout our marriages, we’ve navigated the challenges and rewards of businesses over 30 years of entrepreneurship. It’s rewarding to build something from nothing and it’s the tough situations which caused us to become greater, experienced and compassionate beings. 

I’m a patriot, I love Farmington and I love America. I’ve been involved with Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies and Restoration since 2007 and currently sit on the Board of Advisors. I taught seminars highlighting the 5000 Year Leap and the Healing of America series. Learning and applying 28 principles of Liberty found in the 5,000 Year Leap, strengthened my desire to serve in the community. My husband, daughter and I served in our precinct in Sandy and volunteered with our family on Senator Al Jackson’s campaign for Utah’s 14th district. Whether it’s being a team mom to my son’s pee wee football team or a facilitator in 12 step meetings, or participating in toy drives for villages in Mexico, I’ve found fulfillment in making a positive impact.

Why I'm Running

I decided to run for City Council when my daughter told me the deadline for declaring candidacy was drawing close. For some reason that day in June, I felt driven enough to run to Provo to get my newish marriage license, so I could get my drivers license, so I could run to Davis County office to register to vote, so I could declare my candidacy (thankfully across the street) with my new, legal name at the Recorders Office before close of business!  My only why at the time was I have this strong desire to serve in my community, grow my roots and listen to the residents here.

Since then, I have been able to solidify my why. It grows almost daily: 

  1. Serve, I love to serve
  2. Listen, key to connection is feeling understood and valued; I want Farmington to feel connected
  3. Grow roots in Farmington, I was born and raised in Utah and feel blessed to live in Farmington 
  4. Farmington people are my people, I see kindness in city officials and employees
  5. Care about the issues facing Farmington and want to dive in and address them constitutionally
  6. Assist in protecting our Faith, Family and Freedom
  7. Offer my unique education and contribution of Constitutional principles to the office
  8. Four things in US Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra T Benson’s talk, “Righteousness Exalteth a Nation,” may have inspired my civic involvement most:
Recommendation 1
Looking to God as our maker and the source of freedoms and blessings. (2 Chronicles 7:14)
Recommendation 2
Prioritizing quality family life.
Recommendation 3
Each citizen must become informed and knowledgeable of principles of freedom and the spiritual roots of our great nation
Recommendation 4
Become actively involved in supporting good wise and honest people for public office and assume an active part in improving our communities.
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My main purpose for running is to contribute to the community with no personal agenda, except to serve and to listen, understand and care about the issues that face Farmington and to address those issues constitutionally. I am resolved to be strong in my commitment to integrity and hearing the people of Farmington and to encourage transparency as a city government.

I’m pleased to live in a country where the motto is “In God We Trust.” I love America and our rich history of Judeo-Christian values, when embraced the people have prospered. I’m confident in the promise that “if my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV)

Whether it’s our Farmington family, neighborhood family, or the families we were born or adopted into, our community would be nothing without strong nucleus families. I envision an even tighter knit Farmington family in our future. Our family can be protected by common sense laws such as protecting underage children with age limits (prefrontal cortex development occurs around 25 years old) for life changing operations is a must. Connecting and protecting is an absolute necessity.

My children can mouth the words, “Privileges come with responsibilities. I believe we can answer the growth and other challenges Farmington faces, creatively and responsibly, in a way that preserves freedom and liberty. A friend shared this story with me, 

“The president of the Highland Arts council is a good friend of mine, and the community center needed a new piano.  She was going to ask the council for $8,000 to buy a used grand.  I told her I could not support her request, even though I personally supported many of their programs. She was confused, so I asked her if she would go to her neighbors with a gun and demand that they contribute $10.00 for a new piano.  She said of course not. I asked her why she would ask me to do that to every resident in the city? She realized then the only way for the city to do this was to raise the property tax. Looking for other options, I suggested she do a fundraiser.  When the council declined her request, she did a fundraiser accumulating nearly $40,000 for a beautiful new baby grand.  She and the arts council were thrilled at how the community stepped up. 

There are creative ways to provide for our community’s needs without placing burdens and systems on our community that will erode our freedoms. As a member of the city council, it is my desire to convey through my service that:

  • My commitment to transparency and integrity, personally and in the government is sure
  • I listen and understand what concerns you
  • I am a key component in helping the city plan and anticipate future growth, ensuring that this growth will be as painless as possible
  • It’s important to me to work to prevent any possible overstepping of government, relieving the possible burden of taxation and regulation on the citizens of Farmington.


I will help to preserve the freedom of Farmington based on principles.

I would appreciate your vote November 21st!

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